Dear family of Church on Florida,

2017 is our year of Great Exploits! Exploits in every area of our lives and relation-
ships. Relationships that are modelled on the way Christ loves us. Loving people

and reaching out with the good news of Jesus Christ are all part of these great
exploits. 2017 is our year. A year of stepping out into those things that God has

called us to do. A year of courage! A year of boldness! A year of experiencing un-
precedented blessings. However, we must never forget that the first step to har-
vesting our great exploits is speaking them out of our mouths. Our futures are in

the words we speak.
Recently, God released the importance of divine relationships in every one of our
lives, and the role they play in propelling us into our destinies. Our friendships
have been handpicked by God. They are God-ordained. Let us ever be mindful of

this when we are interacting with people that we meet on a daily basis. And be-
cause relationships play such a weighty role in our futures, let us be careful to

establish friendships that will last by steering clear of wrong associations. ‘Bad
company corrupts good morals’ (1 Corinthians 15:33). Let us carefully choose our
friends and allow them to play the role that God has designed them to play in our
lives. Not only is our future determined by the relationships that we choose, but
also by one very important master key.

Let us not allow the current economic trends to weigh us down, but let’s be en-
couraged to change to God’s system that is fail proof. Let us build our faith in the

promises of God as our financial source and then let us start to action our faith
by doing all that God requires of us.
We are so excited that our young adults have collaborated with the young adult
leaders of other fellowships and are stepping out to host a ‘Worship Experience’
here at Church on Florida in October. We know that many lives will be changed
because of their courageous move!

Much love,
Your Pastors,